About Us

For more than 10 years, the specialists of private enterprise "Dazhinki 2000" engaged in trade of agricultural machinery and spare parts of foreign manufacture, and servicing of European agricultural machinery and equipment.

Firm "Dazhinki-2000" is the exclusive authorized dealer in Belarus of the European market leaders in the production of agricultural machinery: Van Wamel BV, Munckhof BV (Netherlands), Alois Pöttinger GesmbH (Austria).

For more than 140 years the Austrian plant "Pottinger" - an absolute world leader in the field of forage and one of the leaders in tillage. And with the acquisition of plant in Germany Pöttinger entered the cohort of leaders in the production of equipment for sowing.

For companies that develop gardening is very relevant proposals of Dutch company "VanWamel" - this is the whole range of garden mowers , choppers and other equipment for the care of a garden, as well as sorting lines for the fruits and vegetables. "VanWamel" today - is the inventor of many technologies , one of the largest plants which produce orchard machinery in the world, it's dealer network in dozens of countries around the world from New Zealand and Australia to South America, from Japan to Africa.

The company "Munckhof", founded in 1884, is known worldwide in the first place of course the invention more than 40 years ago, a self-propelled harvester for fruit picking and pruning. These self-propelled machinery today also - the undisputed leader of the global market. However, "Munckhof" – it’s also a modern production of the full range of field and garden sprayers, as well as bin fillers.

And the company "Dazhinki-2000" officially promote in the Belarusian market the technique of these world famous brands.

In addition, we provide funding for major purchases by crediting the Export Bank of Austria for 1-3 years.

In addition - corporate services and spare parts, assembling of each unit by qualified specialist and an educational seminar for each client.

The best advertising for us - not only participation in exhibitions, seminars, etc., but also the fact that over the years, our customers are the best enterprises of our country JSC "Otechestvo" and JSC " Zhuravlinoye" (Brest region), RUE "Vitebsk fruit and vegetable plant " and RUE "Tolochin cannery plant" (Vitebsk region) , APC "Brilevo" and APC "Tihinichi" (Gomel region), APC "Progress-Vertelishki" and APC "im. V.I.Kremko" (Grodno region), APC "Agrocombinat "Snov" and JSC "Vitex"(Minsk region), JSC "Alexandriyskoye" and JSC "Goretckoye" (Mogilev region) and many others.

Therefore, we are pleased to offer mutually beneficial cooperation and ensure the attention and professional approach to each client!

Official dealer